Microcontroller Firmware Development


Typically microcontrollers do not run a high level Operating System, but require firmware that runs directly on the microcontroller, perhaps with a small Real time operating system (RTOS) or scheduler. This firmware tends to be written in embedded C or assembly language. Microcontrollers offer a low cost and ultra low power solution for many applications. Some examples of work we have undertaken are:

  • Power management Controller for higher power processors
  • Instrumentation control
  • Instrumentation displays
  • Ticketing machines
  • Smart energy systems
  • Small LCD touch solutions
  • PC baseboard management controllers
  • Small web servers

  • Solutions Offered:

  • Custom firmware development
  • Porting of software running on a high level operating system to firmware running on a micro controller.
  • Performance optimisation of micro controller firmware. This typically involves analysing code, and making changes to improve the efficiency of the system. Bottlenecks can often be removed by rewriting C functions in assembly language
  • Power optimisation