Windows XP Embedded


Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded standard are componentised versions of the Windows XP Professional operating system. The benefits of using choosing to run Windows XP Embedded operating system on your X86 hardware are:

  1. Cost - The total hardware cost of the system can be reduced if components are reduced. The licence cost of Windows XP Embedded / Windows Embedded standard 2009 is lower that the professional version of XP.
  2. Binary Compatible with Windows XP professional - An application written to run on a Windows XP professional platform will run unmodified on a correctly configured XP embedded system.
  3. Embedded enabling features - Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded standard include some features not present in the professional Operating System. These include the File based write filter (FBWF) and Enhanced write filter (EFW), which are disk filters that essentially allow either a complete disk or part of a disk to be write protected. This can make a system more secure but will also prevent solid state disks from wearing out.

Solutions Offered: Porting of custom hardware to Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded standard. This typically involves componentisation of the drivers required by the operating system. Operating system customisation - We will take your custom hardware and software and produce an operating system image that can be cloned onto multiple drives, in a mass production environment.