Micro Passion are experts in software development and electronics design, offering business solutions to individuals and companies of all sizes. We are passionate about technology and we believe this is shown in the way we approach business. Our products and services are sold by engineers, designed by engineers, and supported by engineers in the UK.

Micro Passion are always trying to stay at the forefront of technology, and we achieve this by designing with the latest offerings from various Silicon manufactures. Unlike many businesses we do not wait for customer sponsorship before undertaking designs with a new technology. This is partly because our engineers are always eager to play with new technologies, but also because we believe it can have a huge impact on customer designs. Ground up designs can be high risk, with long development cycles. However once these designs are complete they can be quickly adapted, resulting in projects with shorter time scales and lower development costs.

Why choose Micro Passion?
Hardware / Software - Our engineers are multi disciplined and have good appreciation for both hardware and software design. This ensures a smooth hardware design with all software aspects catered for at an early stage.

Approachable  - At Micro Passion we believe that no question is a stupid question. Even if you don't know what solution you require, why not contact us to talk over your ideas. We always aim to remove the perceived complexities of electronic and software design.

Support - Customers value our personal approach to support. It is not uncommon to receive technical support from the engineer to designed the product in question.