Embedded Computer Modules

  MIOT1 Conputer Module

Our computer modules are designed to meet the requirements of customers wanting to implement solutions targeting Internet of Things, and general embedded applications.



Graphics Cards


Our graphics cards are designed to add video input and video output to the Intel Galileo and other embedded boards. Ideal for customers wanting to attach LCDs or VGA monitors to their embedded solutions



Single Board Computers


The Kratos is a low power single board computer with a tiny footprint. It can be used for everything from 3D gaming, media centres, kiosks, machine controls and industrial integration. Even though it has a tiny form factor it still manages to pack in plenty of ports and connectivity: USB 3, Gigabit Ethernet, DVI, VGA, PCI express, UARTS, CAN bus, GPIO’s, 10 bit ADC, LPC bus. It support a choice of operating systems such as: windows7, windows embedded standard 7, windows8, Linux and windows CE.

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