Graphics Cards

The MPCIe750 is specifically designed for users that want to add video input and video output to the Intel Galileo and other embedded boards.

The solution is supported with a custom Arduino development environment featuring a graphics library compatible with Adafruit GFX.

For more graphics intense developments a custom Linux distribution is provided including QT graphics library support and demo applications.

Create a micro PC using the Intel Galileo and MPCIe750 graphics card and utilise the large range of existing software available for the X86 architecture.

For further information please see the MPCIe750 data sheet and reference manual

The MPCIe750 and accessories are usually available to purchase through our Ebay store.

Our latest build of the graphics card includes an embedded UEFI GOP driver that enables a graphical BIOS menu /shell and also allows booting the Microsoft Windows IOT image for Intel Galileo. See the video below for a demonstration of the new UEFI GOP driver in action.