PC Bios Development


Prior to an X86 system booting, firmware traditionally called a BIOS must initialise system hardware to a point where a high level operating system can take over. BIOS firmware development is a niche in the embedded market, and such developments can be lengthy with ongoing licence fees involved.

An alternative to typical proprietary BIOS solutions is coreboot. Coreboot is an open source BIOS solution that attracts no licence fees. It can initialise a system and boot Linux in under one second .
Micro Passion use coreboot with their own x86 products, but also offer software development solutions based around coreboot.

Micro Passion are now offering complete hardware and BIOS development solutions to customers based on AMD's latest FT3 G-Series SOC (Kabini). Kratos-X1 uses Coreboot, and was entirely designed and developed in house.